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DIN EN 840-4
Mobile waste and recycling containers - Part 4: Containers with 4 wheels with a capacity up to 1 700 l with flat lid(s), for wide trunnion or BG- and/or wide comb lifting devices - Dimensions and design; German version EN 840-4:2012

Title (German)

Fahrbare Abfall- und Wertstoffbehälter - Teil 4: Behälter mit 4 Rädern und einem Nennvolumen bis 1 700 l mit Flachdeckel(n), für breite Schüttungen mit Zapfenaufnahme oder BG-Schüttungen und/oder für breite Kammschüttungen - Maße und Formgebung; Deutsche Fassung EN 840-4:2012


In addition to factual extensions of Part 5 regarding the wheel test and Part 6 regarding the requirements for handles, an update of the currently common capacities and forms of frontal shots for mobile waste and recycling containers in the standards DIN EN 840-1 to DIN EN 840-4 is also associated with the revision. The standards are classified into types of lifting devices and volumes as well as test methods and health and safety requirements. They contain terminology, dimensions and requirements as well as information on test methods for the waste and recycling containers indicated. These European Standards have been prepared by CEN/TC 183 "Waste management", the secretariat of which is held by DIN (Germany). The work has been performed by Working Group 1 "Waste containers" (WG 1) of CEN/TC 183 under the leadership of UNI (Italy). The responsible committee at DIN is Working Committee NA 051-02-01 AA "Abfallentsorgung; Umleerbehälter bis 5 m3 und Abfallbehälterschränke (Spiegelgremium für CEN/TC 183/WG 1)" ("Waste management; Containers up to 5 m3 and container shells (Mirror Committee of CEN/TC 183/WG 1)") of the Municipal Services Standards Committee (NKT).

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Responsible national committee

NA 051-03-07 AA - Waste management; Containers up to 5 m³ and container shells  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 183/WG 1 - Waste containers  

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