NA 009

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CEN/TC 468
Preservation of digital information

Standardization of the functional and technical aspects of the preservation of digital information. In this field, the committee will develop a structured set of standards, specifications and reports, addressing business requirements, including compliance with the European legislative and regulatory framework (e.g. GDPR, eIDAS). This includes the following issues: - Maintenance of characteristics (integrity, authenticity, reliability, usability etc.) of digital information during its life cycle; - Design, implementation and management of preservation systems processes (availability, confidentiality, etc.); - Audit and quality control procedures for the preservation of digital information; - Interoperability and information exchange between systems and services; - Procedures and processes supporting legal admissibility. The committee will not develop any document that overlaps or substitutes published international or European standards, such as those developed by ISO/TC 46, ISO/TC171, ISO/TC20/SC13, and ETSI. It will liaise with these committees to avoid any overlapping in the future. Products in the scope of CEN/TC 457 “Digital preservation of cinematographic works” are excluded from the scope.

National mirror committee of CEN/TC 468

Committee ID Name
NA 009-00-15 AA Records management and long-term archiving of digital information objects