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DIN EN 14534
Postal services - Quality of service - Measurement of the transit time of end-to-end services for bulk mail; German version EN 14534:2016

Title (German)

Postalische Dienstleistungen - Dienstqualität - Messung der Durchlaufzeit von Massensendungen von Ende zu Ende; Deutsche Fassung EN 14534:2016


The European Commission emphasizes the need to have common rules for the development of community postal services and the improvement of Quality-of-Service (QoS). The Commission has identified requirements for postal QoS-Measurement systems that include: - independent end-to-end measurement capabilities; - a focus on national and cross-border distribution service performance; - a single, uniform and reliable system for monitoring distribution service performance within the European Union. The Commission has acknowledged that the different postal traditions and cultures in Europe would not allow for the establishment of one common unified European measurement system and that national systems should have sufficient freedom to reflect needs and peculiarities of national markets. On the other hand, they should fulfil a defined set of minimum requirements to satisfy the information interests of the Commission, the regulatory authorities, postal customers and postal operators themselves. The objective of this standard is to define a modular QoS measurement system in a competitive commercial context. The measurement is designed to estimate the end-to-end transit time quality of service given to the postal customer. This European Standard refers to a number of principles and minimum requirements to be applied for the measurement of the end-to-end transit time service-level of bulk-mail services. It is widely applicable for single-induction as well as continuous measurement applications.

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NA 043-03-04 AA - Postal services  

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CEN/TC 331/WG 1 - Customers, products and Services  

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