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DIN EN 15943
Curriculum Exchange Format (CEF) - Data model; German version EN 15943:2011

Title (German)

Curriculum-Austauschformat (CEF) - Datenmodell; Deutsche Fassung EN 15943:2011


DIN EN 15943 specifies a data model for exchange of vocabularies to Curriculum Exchange Formats (CEF) in a thesaurus based format. DIN EN 15943 is applicable to the digital exchange of information about terms or concepts relating to curriculum information. This includes values to be used in metadata to describe learning resources and learner profiles. There are three main sets of information in the CEF: - information about the whole CEF instance. This is provided using properties from Dublin Core plus some extensions. Information includes date, title, description and identifier; - CEF terms. Information includes the term name, identifier and type. Though "term" is used throughout as the name for an item in a CEF instance, the model can equally well be used to describe a conceptual approach; - relationships between terms as a sub-record of a term. The main uses of CEF instances and related services are expected to be the provision of controlled vocabularies, navigation structures, additional curriculum information and mappings. DIN EN 15943:2010 contains the German version of the European Standard EN 15943:2010, which has been prepared by Technical Committee CEN/TC 353 "Information and communication technologies for learning, education and training". The Committee responsible for DIN EN 15943 at DIN is NA 043-01-36 AA "Lerntechnologien" ("Learning technologies") at NIA.

Responsible national committee

NA 043-01-36 AA - Learning technologies  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 353 - Technologies supporting education and learning processes  

Edition 2011-07
Original language German
Translation English
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