NA 043

DIN Standards Committee Information Technology and IT Applications

Cybersecurity and Data Protection

Development of standards for cybersecurity and data protection covering all aspects of the evolving information society including but not limited to: • Management systems, frameworks, methodologies • Data protection and privacy • Services and products evaluation standards suitable for security assessment for large companies and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) • Competence requirements for cybersecurity and data protection • Security requirements, services, techniques and guidelines for ICT systems, services, networks and devices, including smart objects and distributed computing devices Included in the scope is the identification and possible adoption of documents already published or under development by ISO/IEC JTC 1and other SDOs and international bodies such as ISO, IEC, ITU-T, and industrial fora. Where not being developed by other SDO's, the development of cybersecurity and data protection CEN/CENELEC publications for safeguarding information such as organizational frameworks, management systems, techniques, guidelines, and products and services, including those in support of the EU Digital Single Market.

National mirror committee of CEN/CLC/JTC 13

Committee ID Name
NA 043-04-13 GA DIN/DKE Joint working committee Cybersecurity