NA 042

DIN Standards Committee Timber and Furniture

Standards [Withdrawn]

DIN 68100 Beiblatt 3
Tolerances for linear measure and angular dimensions in the wood-working and wood-processing industry; change of dimensions due to the influence of moisture, radial and tangential to the grain of red-meranti, muhuhu, niangon, walnut, aspen (poplar), utile, teak, elm and wenge (panga panga)

Title (German)

Toleranzen für Längen- und Winkelmaße in der Holzbe- und -verarbeitung; Maßänderung durch Feuchtigkeitseinfluß bei Meranti-rot, Muhuhu, Niangon, Nußbaum, Pappel, Sapeli, Sipo, Teak, Ulme und Wenge, jeweils in radialer und tangentialer Richtung

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NA 042-04-03 AA - Tolerances and technical drawings 

Edition 1978-06
Original language German
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