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ISO 4223-2 FDAM 1 2017-07-19 Definitions of some terms used in the tyre industry -- Part 2: Solid tyres More  Comment 
ISO/DIS 23671 2017-05-22 Passenger car tyres - Method for measuring relative wet grip performance - Loaded new tyres More  Comment 
ISO/DIS 3739-1 2017-04-13 Industrial tyres and rims - Part 1: Pneumatic tyres (metric series) on 5 degrees tapered or flat base rims - Designation, dimensions and marking More  Comment 
ISO/DIS 20444 2017-04-07 Rubber and plastics hoses - Determination of abrasion resistance of the outer coverAbrasion tests where the hose is rotated against a reciprocating abrasion tool More  Comment 
ISO/DIS 21634 2016-12-09 Rubber flaps for automotive vehicles - Technical requirements and test methods More  Comment 
DIN EN 681-1 2015-01-01 Elastomeric seals - Material requirements for pipe joint seals used in water and drainage applications - Part 1: Vulcanized rubber; German and English version prEN 681-1:2016 More  Comment