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Number: 61

DIN 22100-1 2022-08-02 Articles and materials from synthetics for use in underground mines - Part 1: Conveyor belts - Hygienic requirements, testing, marking More  Comment 
ISO/CD 5892 2022-05-31 Rubber building gaskets - Materials for preformed solid vulcanized structural gaskets - Specification More  Comment 
ISO/CD 5284 2022-04-06 Conveyor belts - List of equivalent terms More  Comment 
DIN EN ISO 22721 rev 2022-03-29 Fördergurte - Anforderungen an Textilfördergurte mit Gummi- oder Kunststoff-Deckplatten für Anwendungen unter Tage More  Comment 
ISO/CD 22721 2022-03-17 Conveyor belts - Specification for rubber- or plastics-covered conveyor belts of textile construction for underground mining More  Comment 
ISO/CD 4000-1 2022-01-07 Passenger car tyres and rims - Part 1: Tyres (metric series) More  Comment 
ISO/AWI 5273 2022-01-07 Passenger car tyres - Preparation method for an artificially worn state for wet grip testing More  Comment 
DIN EN ISO 283 2021-12-16 Textile conveyor belts - Full thickness tensile strength, elongation at break and elongation at the reference load - Test method (ISO/DIS 283:2022); German and English version prEN ISO 283:2022 More  Comment 
DIN EN ISO 583 2021-12-16 Conveyor belts with a textile carcass - Total belt thickness and thickness of constitutive elements - Test methods (ISO/DIS 583:2022); German and English version prEN ISO 583:2022 More  Comment 
DIN EN ISO 252 2021-12-16 Conveyor belts - Adhesion between constitutive elements - Test methods (ISO/DIS 252:2022); German and English version prEN ISO 252:2022 More  Comment