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VG 96933-13
Electrical connection elements - Part 13: Terminal lugs for crimp-connections, ring shape, without plastic sleeve, for copper conductors, detail standard; Text in German and English

Title (German)

Elektrische Verbindungselemente - Teil 13: Kabelschuhe für Crimpverbindungen, Ringform, ohne Kunststoffhülse, für Kupferleiter, Bauartnorm; Text Deutsch und Englisch


This standard is a product standard for the field of electrical connecting elements. The committee responsible for the standard is NA 140-00-14-04 UA "Kabelschuhe, Verbinder" ("Electrical connection elements") at DIN Standards Committee Electrical Engineering (NE). This standard applies in connection with VG 96933-2 for ring-shaped crimp terminal lugs applicable on bare, tin covered or silver covered stranded, flexible and extra-flexible copper conductors. Components according to this standard are subject to type test according to VG 95211 and VG 96933-2. The ring-shaped crimp terminal lugs according to this standard may be used at ambient temperatures from -46 °C to 120 °C.

Responsible national committee

NA 140-00-14-04 UA - Electrical connection elements 

Edition 2015-08
Original language German, English
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