NA 016

DIN Standards Committee Pressurized Gas Installations

CEN/TC 157 -dormant
Non-refillable metallic gas cartridges

Definitions of material, construction, inspection and marking requirements for non refillable metallic gas cartridges with or without a valve for use with portable appliances. The scope is limited to containers with a total capacity between 50 ml and 1000 ml, designed to contain liquefied petroleum gas and similar gas to be specified by the TC, where the filling pressure does not exceed 12 bar gauge at 50 °C. The scope does not include aerosol containers, as defined in the Aerosol Directive 75/324/EEC.

National mirror committee of CEN/TC 157

Committee ID Name
NA 016-00-06 AA LPG equipment and accessories; National mirror committee to CEN/TC 286