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DIN EN ISO 11269-1
Soil quality - Determination of the effects of pollutants on soil flora - Part 1: Method for the measurement of inhibition of root growth (ISO 11269-1:2012); German version EN ISO 11269-1:2012

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Bodenbeschaffenheit - Bestimmung der Wirkungen von Schadstoffen auf die Bodenflora - Teil 1: Verfahren zur Messung der Wurzelwachstumshemmmung (ISO 11269-1:2012); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 11269-1:2012


This part of ISO 11269 describes a method for the determination of the effects of contaminated soils or contaminated samples on the root elongation of terrestrial plants. This method is applicable to soils, soil materials, compost, sludge, waste or chemical testing. It is applicable to the comparison of soils of known and unknown quality and to the measurement of effects of materials (compost, sludge, waste) or chemicals deliberately added to the soil. The method is not intended to be used as a measure of the ability of the soil to support sustained plant growth. Chemical analysis of soil samples or waste materials to be disposed on soil, together with ecotoxicological testing, provides substantial evidence of the suitability of the soil for arable production, or gives information on the potential environmental risk resulting from the disposal of wastes such as sewage sludge on farmland. There is also a need to assess the quality of the soil after reclamation of industrial sites and colliery tips or when capping landfill sites. As the ability of the soil to grow crops is the main criterion, a rapid-growth test has been developed, based on seedling growth in controlled environmental conditions. Two major prerequisites of a phytotoxicity test are that it provides consistently reliable results and that it can be used at any time of the year. It is therefore essential that seeds be grown in a controlled environment to ensure optimal growing conditions which can be maintained for any number of tests, producing reproducible results over a long period of time. The ISO 11269 series consists of the following parts under the main title "Soil quality - Determination of the effects of pollutants on soil flora: Part 1: Method for the measurement of inhibition of root growth" - Part 2 "Effects of contaminated soil on the emergence and early growth of higher plants" Expert assistance and specialized laboratories will be required to perform the analysis described in this standard. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 119-01-02-04 UA "Biologische Verfahren" ("Biological methods") at DIN.

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Responsible national committee

NA 119-01-02-04 UA - Biological methods 

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 444/WG 4 - Biological characterization 

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