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One of DIN's most important tasks is standardizing German technical language. Each standards committee is responsible for the terminology in its own field(s). DIN‘s Standards Committee Terminology, however, defines the principles of and methods for the terminology work of all the other committees. Important principles of our work are:

  • Avoiding misunderstandings by ensuring clarity
  • Systematizing terminology work
  • Creating transparency

Other areas we cover are:

  • Preparing specialised dictionaries
  • Computer applications for terminology work and lexicography
  • The use of terminology databases and special translation and interpreting software

In today’s globalized world multilingual terminology work is gaining importance, as it is essential for the quality assessment of technical translation and interpreting. Furthermore, the number of IT tools for translation and interpreting continues to grow. The principles of terminology work need to be incorporated into these software tools in order for them to be useful. This area now lies within the scope of NAT’s work.
Standards that are practically oriented are needed to increase transparency for contract partners in translation and interpreting. These standards lay down requirements and processes for translation and interpreting services.
NAT has regular contact with other terminology organizations in Germany (e.g. and, with whom we share the common goal of promoting the German technical language in the context of a globalized market.

How is NAT composed?


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