NA 112

DIN Standards Committee Sports Equipment


Inspections of sports facilities, sports equipment, sports safety equipment and equipment


This document is applicable to sports facilities, sports equipment, sports safety equipment and equipment. The document is aimed at operators and is intended to help them develop the necessary system for inspections to ensure safe sports operations. This document specifies the visual and operational inspection, as well as the main inspection. It also provides guidance for the development of standards on how inspections of sports facilities and sports equipment can be taken into account in the development, revision and updating of DIN standards, DIN-EN standards and similar technical regulations. In addition, recommendations are given on the competencies of persons involved in various types of inspections and maintenance. This document is not applicable to areas that were not originally intended for sporting activities, but still offer opportunities for sport, play and exercise.



Planned document number

DIN/TS 79183

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Responsible national committee

NA 112-08-06 AA - Testing of sports equipment and facilities  


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