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Drafts of NA 112

Number: 55

DIN EN 915 2023-03 Gymnastic equipment - Asymmetric bars - Requirements and test methods including safety; German and English version prEN 915:2023 More  Read draft and comment
DIN EN 17961 2023-03 Mountaineering equipment - Load sharing devices - Safety requirements and test methods; German and English version prEN 17961:2023 More  Read draft and comment
DIN EN 1080 2023-02 Impact protection helmets for young children; German and English version prEN 1080:2023 More 
DIN EN 1078 2023-02 Helmets for cyclists; German and English version prEN 1078:2023 More 
DIN EN 1176-1/A1 2022-12 Playground equipment and surfacing - Part 1: General safety requirements and test Methods; German and English version EN 1176-1:2017/prA1:2022 More 
DIN EN ISO 6185-3 2022-12 Inflatable boats - Part 3: Boats with a hull length less than 8 m with a motor rating of 15 kW and greater (ISO/DIS 6185-3:2022); German and English version prEN ISO 6185-3:2022 More 
DIN 33961-5 2022-11 Fitness club - Requirements for equipment and operation - Part 5: Electromyostimulation training (EMS training) More 
DIN 33941-2 2022-11 Equipment for outdoor sports facilities and indoor arenas - Umpire's platforms - Badminton - Dimensions, requirements, testing More 
DIN 7892 2022-11 Gymnastic and playing field equipment - Electrically operated lifting devices - Functional and safety requirements and testing More 
DIN EN 12196 2022-11 Gymnastic equipment - Horses and bucks - Functional and safety requirements, test methods; German and English version prEN 12196:2022 More