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DIN EN 71-5
Safety of toys - Part 5: Chemical toys (sets) other than experimental sets; German version EN 71-5:2015

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Sicherheit von Spielzeug - Teil 5: Chemisches Spielzeug (Sets) ausgenommen Experimentierkästen; Deutsche Fassung EN 71-5:2015


DIN EN 71-5 specifies requirements and test methods for the substances and materials used in chemical toys (sets) other than experimental sets. These substances and mixtures are: - those classified as dangerous by the EU-legislation applying to dangerous substances and dangerous mixtures; - substances and mixtures which in excessive amounts could harm the health of the children using them and which are not classified as dangerous by the above mentioned legislation; and - any other chemical substance(s) and mixture(s) delivered with the chemical toy. Additionally, requirements are specified for markings, warnings, safety rules, contents list, instructions for use and first aid information. This part of EN 71 applies to: - plaster of Paris (gypsum) moulding sets; - oven-hardening plasticised PVC modelling clay sets; - polystyrene granules sets; - embedding sets; - adhesives, paints, lacquers, varnishes, thinners and cleaning agents (solvents), supplied or recommended in model sets. This document (EN 71-5:2015) has been prepared by Technical Committee CEN/TC 52 "Safety of toys" the secretariat of which is held by DS (Denmark). The responsible national standardization committee is Working Group NA 095-05-01-02 AK "Sicherheit von Spielzeug - Chemische Eigenschaften" ("Safety of toys - Chemical properties") at DIN Standards Committee Safety Design Principles (NASG).

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Responsible national committee

NA 095-05-01-02 AK - Safety of toys - Chemical properties  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 52/WG 5 - Safety of toys - Chemical properties  

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