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Welding - Grouping systems for materials - American materials


This document provides an American grouping system for materials for welding purposes, classified in accordance with the grouping system of ISO/TR 15608. A number of Canadian, Australian and New Zealand materials commonly used in North America are also included. It can also apply for other purposes, such as heat treatment, forming, and non-destructive testing. Types of steels are listed in accordance with the grouping system of ISO/TR 15608:2017, Table 1. This document covers grouping systems for the following standardized materials: - steel; - aluminium and its alloys; - nickel and its alloys; - copper and its alloys; - titanium and its alloys; - zirconium and its alloys; - cast irons.





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DIN CEN ISO/TR 20173 rev

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NA 092-00-04 AA - Quality assurance of welding (DVS AG Q 2)  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 121/SC 4 - Quality management in the field of welding  

Responsible international committee

ISO/TC 44/SC 10 - Quality management in the field of welding  

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Welding - Grouping systems for materials - American materials (ISO/TR 20173:2018); German version CEN ISO/TR 20173:2018

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