NA 092

DIN Standards Committee Welding and allied processes

ISO/TC 44/SC 10
Quality management in the field of welding

Standardization of quality requirements and recommendations for welding of metallic materials including (but not limited to):

  • quality levels for imperfections;
  • qualification of welding procedures;
  • stud welding;
  • friction welding;
  • micro diffusion welding;
  • welding of reinforcing steel;
  • recommendations for arc welding of metallic materials;
  • guidelines for metallic materials grouping systems;
  • acceptance tests and inspection for beam welding machines;
  • test for weld through shop primers;
  • calibration, verification and validation of equipment used in welding.

National mirror committee of ISO/TC 44/SC 10

Committee ID Name
NA 092-00-04 AA Quality assurance of welding (DVS AG Q 2)