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DIN 6815
Medical X-ray equipment up to 300 kV - Rules for testing of radiation protection after installation, maintenance and essential modification

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Medizinische Röntgenanlagen bis 300 kV - Regeln für die Prüfung des Strahlenschutzes nach Errichtung, Instandsetzung und wesentlicher Änderung


This standard is applicable to technical tests on medical X-ray equipment with an X-ray tube voltage of up to 300 kV for human, dental and animal applications. This standard includes radiation protection specifications in the context of the Röntgenverordnung (RöV) (German X-ray Ordinance). It shall be used in connection with the Richtlinie für die technische Prüfung von Röntgeneinrichtungen und genehmigungspflichtigen Störstrahlern (SV-RL) (German Guideline for the technical testing of X-ray equipment and devices producing stray radiation that are subject to approval). Regarding X-ray equipment in medicine and dentistry the SV-RL refers to this standard for many test positions. Conversely, the intention of this standard is to realise technical tests on X-ray equipment exclusively in the context with the SV-RL. The tests cover equipment, condition and function of site-specific, individual-specific, circuit-specific and device-specific radiation protection. The standard describes requirements for tests required for the execution of the technical testing ("expert assessment") of X-ray equipment in accordance with RöV and that are not covered by the tests for acceptance testing in accordance with RöV, § 16 and § 17. The latter are included in the Richtlinie zur Durchführung der Qualitätssicherung bei Röntgeneinrichtungen zur Untersuchung oder Behandlung von Menschen (German Guideline for performance of quality assurance for X-ray equipment used for investigation or treatment of persons) in accordance with § 16 and § 17 of the X-Ray Ordinance, Quality Assurance Guideline (QS-RL) and the corresponding standards for the acceptance test of the DIN 6868 series "Image quality assurance in X-ray diagnostics". The standard has been prepared by Working Committee NA 080-00-02 AA "Strahlenschutz" ("Radiation protection") of NAR.

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NA 080-00-02 AA - Radiation protection 

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