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DIN 6802-6
Neutron dosimetry - Part 6: Methods for determination of absorbed dose using ionisation chambers

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Neutronendosimetrie - Teil 6: Verfahren zur Bestimmung der Energiedosis mit Ionisationskammern


This standard contains specifications for determination of the absorbed dose during therapeutic applications of neutron radiation with an average energy between approximately 1 MeV and 50 MeV. It describes the fundamental method for determination of the absorbed dose fractions of neutrons as well as the accompanying primary and secondary photon radiation by means of two detectors with very different neutron responses. Furthermore, the required data are provided and the practical procedure is described. The primary radiation sources (for percutaneous deep radiotherapy) can be either a fission neutron source of a reactor or a target system of a particle accelerator. Depending on the source the neutrons are either monoenergetic or they possess a spectral fluence distribution over a finite energy range. The standard describes the methods for determination of the tissue absorbed dose in the phantom or free in air if necessary as well as methods for determination of the spatial dose distribution in phantoms and the selection of suitable monitoring and testing facilities and suitable phantom substances. This standard has been prepared by NA 080-00-01 AA "Dosimetrie" ("Dosimetry").

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NA 080-00-01 AA - Dosimetry  

Edition 2013-01
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