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DIN 6827-2
Recording of the medical application of ionizing radiation - Part 2: Diagnosis and therapy using unsealed radioactive materials

Title (German)

Protokollierung bei der medizinischen Anwendung ionisierender Strahlung - Teil 2: Diagnostik und Therapie mit offenen radioaktiven Stoffen


The standard specifies the necessary data which shall be recorded for medical application of unsealed radioactive materials on the patient (examination and treatment) and which shall be recorded for radiation dose determination. It is not applicable for use in medical research. The standard shall be considered as a supplement to the Guidelines for Radiation Protection in Medicine. The standard has been prepared by NA 080-00-03 AA "Nuklearmedizin" ("Nuclear medicine") at the Radiology Standards Committee.

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NA 080-00-03 AA - Nuclear medicine 

Edition 2012-03
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