NA 001

DIN/VDI Standards Committee Acoustics, Noise Control and Vibration Engineering


Vibration measurement on railway traffic systems - Part 3: Spectral prediction method


This documents defines procedures for the uniform prediction of the vibration immissions generated by rail traffic due to the interaction of vehicle and track in neighbouring buildings. These predictions are related to the design and construction of tramways (metros, light railways and tramways) and railways and of buildings in the vicinity of railway lines. The prognosis procedure shall be used for immission prediction of above-ground and underground rail traffic routes for the following tasks: - New construction of a railway line - Conversion of a railway track with relevant intervention in the position of the tracks - Construction of a new building near a railway line - urban planning



Planned document number

DIN 45672-3

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Responsible national committee

NA 001-03-15 AA - Mitigation of vibration in the vicinity of traffic routes 


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