NA 001

DIN/VDI Standards Committee Acoustics, Noise Control and Vibration Engineering

Draft technical rule [Withdrawn]

VDI 3720 Blatt 1
Design of low-noise machinery and equipment - construction tasks and methodology

Title (German)

Konstruktion lärmarmer Maschinen und Anlagen - Konstruktionsaufgaben und -methodik


The objective of this standard is to raise the design engineer's awareness for the problem of designing low-noise machinery. For this purpose, the general principles for the mechanisms of sound generation, sound transmission and sound emission are imparted on the basis of the specifications in DIN EN ISO 11688-1 and -2. This standard has been prepared by NA 001-02-01 AA "Maschinenakustik - Konstruktion lärmarmer Maschinen und Anlagen" ("Machine acoustics - Designing of low-noise machinery and plants").

Responsible national committee

NA 001-02-01 AA - Machine acoustics - Designing of low-noise machinery and plants  

Edition 2014-06
Original language German
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