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Technical rule [CURRENT]

VDI 3766
Ultrasound - Workplace - Measurement, assessment, judgement and reduction

Title (German)

Ultraschall - Arbeitsplatz - Messung, Bewertung, Beurteilung und Minderung


Ultrasound is used in many sectors of industry and medicine. Starting with manufacturing technologies, the span reaches to surgical applications in medicine. For very many of these applications the emission of ultrasonic waves into the environment is unavoidable. Here, high sound pressure levels in the ultrasonic frequency range can occur, which potentially represent a hazard to the health of the workers at the work place. In order to avoid unwanted side effects, assessment and judgement of possible hazard potential are necessary. This way impairments and health hazards can be avoided or at least minimized. The determination and judgement of ultrasound exposure at the work place requires suitable measurement techniques and assessment guidelines which are only partially covered by the current body of international and national standards and guidelines. VDI 3766 defines a specific method for the metrological detection of the effects of ultrasound as well as its judgement at the work place and also provides the user with guidelines for action for reduction of the effects of ultrasound to prevent impairments and health risks. The directive is directed at specialists in the area of occupational safety who evaluate noise at the work place. VDI 3766 has been prepared by Committee NA 001-02-03-02 UA "Ultraschalleinwirkung an Arbeitsplätzen, Messung, Beurteilung und Minderung" ("Effects of ultrasound at work stations; Measurement, rating and control").

Responsible national committee

NA 001-02-03 AA - Sound propagation, noise control and noise reduction  

Edition 2012-09
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