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DIN 45645-2
Determination of rating levels from measurement data - Part 2: Determination of the noise rating level for occupational activities at the work place for the level range underneath the given risk of hearing damage

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Ermittlung von Beurteilungspegeln aus Messungen - Teil 2: Ermittlung des Beurteilungspegels am Arbeitsplatz bei Tätigkeiten unterhalb des Pegelbereiches der Gehörgefährdung


This document has been prepared by NALS at DIN and VDI. The technical development was carried out by NA 001-01-02-10 AK "Bestimmung der Geräuschexposition bei der Arbeit" ("Determination of noise exposure at the workplace"). The superordinate committee NA 001-01-02 AA "Geräuschimmission - Grundlagen, Ermittlung, Beurteilung" ("Noise immission - Principles, determination, rating") has adopted this document as a standard. This document describes a method of measuring noise immission at the workplace for occupational activities with more stringent requirements, for example, for concentration, as well as for determining the suitable characteristic values of noise immission in order to assess the inconvenience and disturbance (extraaural effects). As a result, the noise immissions can be compared with each other independent of the type and generation. The standard is not intended for the assessment of infrasonic and ultrasonic loads. Carrying out the measurements requires a precise analysis of the noise situation and observation of the occupational activities carried out. The rating level determined forms the basis for evaluating the respective occupational activity or work situation with regard to extraaural noise effects and for comparison with specified guideline values.

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NA 001-01-02 AA - Noise immission - Principles, determination, rating  

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