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Electroacoustics - Specifications for personal sound exposure meters


This document specifies – performance specifications for personal sound exposure meters , – details of the tests necessary to verify conformance to all mandatory specifications for the purpose of pattern evaluation, and – procedures for periodic testing of a personal sound exposure meter. This document is applicable to instruments that are designed to be worn on a person in a configuration specified by the manufacturer for the measurement of sound immission resulting from steady, intermittent, fluctuating, irregular, or impulsive sounds. For reproducibility of results, specifications and tests for the response to sound waves apply without an operator present in the sound field. This document specifies performance requirements for personal sound exposure meters of one performance class.



Planned document number

DIN EN 61252

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Responsible national committee

NA 001-01-03 GA - Joint working committee NALS/DKE: Sound measuring instruments  

previous edition(s)

Electroacoustics - Specifications for personal sound exposure meters (IEC 61252:1993 + AMD1:2000 + AMD2:2017); German version EN 61252:1995 + A1:2001 + A2:2017

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