NA 172

DIN Standards Committee Principles of Environmental Protection

ISO/TC 268/SC 2
Sustainable cities and communities - Sustainable mobility and transportation

Standardization in the field of Sustainable mobility and transportation will promote and support a multi-sectorial integrated approach of sustainable cities and communities with a long-term vision based on the purposes of sustainability defined in ISO 37101.

The SubCommittee will consider organisational issues, infrastructures and services in the mobility and transportation options for cities and communities, including those related to new technologies (i.e. electric, hydrogen, autonomous). The proposed series of International Standards will provide requirements, frameworks, guidance and supporting techniques and tools for cities and territories, as well as all mobility and transportation stakeholders to plan, develop, operate, maintain and manage sustainable mobility and transportation systems and services with a long-term vision.

Excluded: Road Vehicles covered by ISO/TC 22, Intelligent transport systems covered by ISO/TC 204, Railway applications covered by ISO/TC 269, and Electrical equipment and systems for railways covered by IEC/TC 9.

Note: To ensure the development of a consistent set of standards on Sustainable mobility, ISO/TC 268/SC2 will liaise with relevant ISO and IEC committees.

National mirror committee of ISO/TC 268/SC 2

Committee ID Name
NA 172-00-12 AA Sustainable development in communities