NA 172

DIN Standards Committee Principles of Environmental Protection

Material efficiency aspects for products in scope of Ecodesign legislation

Material efficiency aspects for products in scope of the Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC and its future revisions. Producing generic and horizontal CEN-CENELEC publications covering aspects such as assessment methods, design rules, dematerialization, digitalization and transfer of information on a variety of material efficiency topics, in particular (but not limited to): - Extending product lifetime - Ability to reuse components or recycle materials* from products at End-of-Life - Use of reused components and/or recycled materials* in products * Includes coverage of the European Commission defined list of Critical Raw Materials (CRM).

National mirror committee of CEN/CLC/JTC 10

Committee ID Name
NA 172-00-20-01 GAK Joint working group NAGUS/DKE: Ecodesign, in particular Material Efficiency of Energy-related products