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Drafts of NA 032

Number: 41

DIN EN 12405-1 2019-04 Gas meters - Conversion devices - Part 1: Volume conversion; German and English version prEN 12405-1:2019 More 
DIN EN ISO 15112 2019-02 Natural gas - Energy determination (ISO 15112:2018); German and English version prEN ISO 15112:2018 More 
DIN EN 13203-4 2018-12 Gas-fired domestic appliances producing hot water - Part 4: Assessment of energy consumption of gas combined heat and power appliances (mCHP) producing hot water and electricity; German and English version prEN 13203-4:2018 More 
DIN EN ISO 20257-1 2018-12 Installation and equipment for liquefied natural gas - Design of floating LNG installations - Part 1: General requirements (ISO/DIS 20257-1:2018); German and English version prEN ISO 20257-1:2018, only on CD-ROM More 
DIN 3588 2018-10 Gas tapping valves with and without shut down device for polyethylene lines More 
DIN EN 16129 2018-08 Pressure regulators, automatic change-over devices, having a maximum regulated pressure of 4 bar, with a maximum capacity of 150 kg/h, associated safety devices and adaptors for butane, propane, and their mixtures; German and English version prEN 16129:2018 More 
DIN EN ISO 19884 2018-04 Gaseous hydrogen - Cylinders and tubes for stationary storage (ISO/DIS 19884:2018); German and English version prEN ISO 19884:2018 More 
DIN 30652-1 2018-04 Excess flow valves - Part 1: Excess flow valves for gas installation More 
DIN EN 1949 2018-04 Specification for the installation of LPG systems for habitation purposes in leisure accommodation vehicles and accommodation purposes in other vehicles; German and English version prEN 1949:2018 More 
DIN EN 15001-2 2017-08 Gas supply systems - Gas installation pipework with an operating pressure greater than 0,5 bar for industrial installations and greater than 5 bar for industrial and non-industrial installations - Part 2: Detailed functional requirements for commissioning, operation and maintenance; German and English version prEN 15001-2:2017 More