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DIN EN ISO 10685-2
Ophthalmic optics - Spectacle frames and sunglasses electronic catalogue and identification - Part 2: Commercial information (ISO 10685-2:2016, Corrected version 2016-05-15); German version EN ISO 10685-2:2016

Title (German)

Augenoptik - Elektronischer Katalog und Warenbezeichnung für Brillenfassungen und Sonnenbrillen - Teil 2: Kaufmännische Daten (ISO 10685-2:2016, korrigierte Fassung 2016-05-15); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 10685-2:2016


The standard specifies requirements and rules for the development of a unique identification for spectacle frames and sunglasses. It specifies in particular the commercial information used for trading spectacle frames and sunglasses. The scope is also applicable to sunglass clip-ons. The standard is directed at manufacturers and suppliers of spectacle frames, sunglasses and accessories for these products as well as at software providers who offer sector solutions for electronic product catalogues. The standard differs from the March 2013 edition in that indication of the manufacturer's color description has now been made mandatory (previously: optional) in this standard for spectacle frames. This standard DIN EN ISO 10685-2 is based on a standard prepared by ISO/TC 172/SC 7 "Ophthalmic optics and instruments" as well as CEN/TC 170 "Ophthalmic optics" (both secretariats: DIN). At the national level the responsible committee is Working Committee NA 027-01-08 AA "Augenoptik" ("Ophthalmic optics"), Working Group "Brillengläser" ("Spectacle lenses") at DIN Standards Committee Optics and Precision Mechanics (NAFuO).

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Responsible national committee

NA 027-01-08-08 AK - Spectacle frames  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 170 - Ophthalmic optics  

Responsible international committee

ISO/TC 172/SC 7/WG 8 - Data interchange  

Edition 2016-11
Original language German
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