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DIN 13470
Optics and photonics - FAC-lenses - Terms, definitions and requirements for data sheets

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Optik und Photonik - FAC-Linsen - Begriffe und Anforderungen an Datenblätter


Due to their special emitter structure, high power laser diodes or high power laser diode bars show a different degree of pronounced divergences of emitted laser radiation in two perpendicular levels (fast axis and slow axis). In order to collimate the extremely divergent radiation in the fast axis, fast axis collimator (FAC) lenses are introduced. They reduce divergence in the far-field such that they approach, as close as possible, the values defined by diffraction and thereby open up new fields of application in the industry, for example, pumps of solid-state laser pumps or in material processing, but also in medical technology. This standard defines the basic terms for FAC lenses (fast axis collimator lenses) in order to unify the linguistic usage. Furthermore, minimum requirements for a data sheet are specified in order to ensure comparability of components of various manufacturers. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 027-01-21 AA "Mikrooptik und integrierte Optik" ("Micro-optics and integrated optics") at DIN.

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NA 027-01-18 AA - Laser and electro-optical systems  

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