NA 023

DIN Standards Committee Ergonomics

ISO/TC 159/SC 5
Ergonomics of the physical environment

To develop International Standards in the area of Ergonomics of the Physical Environment including:Thermal environmentsVision and lightingDanger signals and communication in noisy environmentsPeople with special requirementsSurface temperaturesIntegrated environmentsPerception of air qualityThe design of accessible physical environmentsThe application of knowledge of human response to the environment (e.g. thermal, visual, vibration, noise and air quality) and effects of the environment (in terms of health and safety, comfort and human performance) on the design of systems. Techniques used include theoretical and analytical methods as well as simple indices used in application, survey methods and combinations of these depending upon the user requirements for the standards.

National mirror committee of ISO/TC 159/SC 5

Committee ID Name
NA 023-00-05 GA Joint working committee of Ergonomics Standards Committee/ Mechanical Engineering Committee: Ergonomics of the physical environment