NA 023

DIN Standards Committee Ergonomics

ISO/TC 159/SC 4
Ergonomics of human-system interaction

Standardization in the field of ergonomics/human factors, in particular the interaction between and within systems (often computer-based) and the people (who use, operate, and are affected by them as well as those who develop, manufacture, evaluate, install and maintain them).

Areas of standardization include: hardware ergonomics (including input, display, and interactive devices), software ergonomics (including interaction and interface design), ergonomics of the context of use (including tasks, environments, and workplaces), and human-centred design processes and methods (including usability engineering, accessible design, and participative design methods).

National mirror committee of ISO/TC 159/SC 4

Committee ID Name
NA 023-00-04 GA Joint working committee NAErg/NIA: Ergnomics for information processing systems