NA 023

DIN Standards Committee Ergonomics

CEN/TC 122/WG 11
Ergonomics of the Physical Environment

To develop and produce standards in all areas concerned with the 'Ergonomics of the thermal environment'. This includes: - the estimation of the heat stress on working man, based on the WBGT-index (wet bulb globe temperature); - the determination of the PMV and PPD indices and specification of the conditions for thermal comfort; - the analytical determination and interpretation of thermal stress using calculation of required sweat rate; - the determination of metabolic heat production; - the evaluation of thermal strain by physiological measurements; - the estimation of the thermal insulation and evaporative resistance of a clothing ensemble; - the assessment of the influence of the thermal environment using subjective judgement scales; - the medical supervision of individuals exposed to extreme hot or cold environments; - the determination of required clothing insulation (IREQ) - the thermal environment in vehicles.

National mirror committee of CEN/TC 122/WG 11

Committee ID Name
NA 023-00-05 GA Joint working committee of Ergonomics Standards Committee/ Mechanical Engineering Committee: Ergonomics of the physical environment