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DIN 6930-2
Stamped steel parts - Part 2: General tolerances

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Stanzteile aus Stahl - Teil 2: Allgemeintoleranzen


This standard is the technical revision of the standard which has been published in 2010-01. This revision primarily includes the update of the normative references and the expansion of the nominal dimension ranges and the tolerances for thickness ranges or for angles on flat stamped parts. This standard is intended to simplify drawings and specifies general tolerances for linear and angular dimensions, concentricity and symmetry in four accuracy levels. They are subdivided into f (fine), m (medium), g (coarse) and sg (very coarse). By selection of a certain accuracy level, the normal workshop accuracy shall be considered. General tolerances according to this standard are used for cold- and warm-formed stamped parts made of flat steel products. They apply if this standard is referred to in drawings or associated documents (for example, terms of delivery). This standard has been prepared by NA 026-00-03 AA "Stanzteile" ("Stamped parts") of the Springs, Stamped Parts and Moulded Parts Standards Committee (NAFS) at DIN, the German Institute for Standardization e. V. For further information about the NAFS, visit us on the Internet under

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NA 026-00-03 AA - Stamped Parts  

Edition 2011-10
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