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DIN Standards Committee Hardware, Tinware and Metal Products


The DIN Standards Committee Hardware, Tinware and Metal Products (NAEBM) is an external standards committee within DIN and among others responsible for the standardization of:

  • accessories from metal and plastics for leather and textile manufacturing industry,
  • aquariums of glass,
  • animal traps,
  • basket trolleys,
  • buckles,
  • buttons,
  • castors and wheels,
  • cookware,
  • cutlery and related items,
  • eyelets,
  • fastener driving tools,
  • high security locks,
  • lawn and garden equipment,
  • gardening tools,
  • hooks,
  • lighters,
  • locks and metal fittings,
  • needles,
  • non-metallic tableware,
  • portable forestry machinery,
  • raised access floors,
  • rivets,
  • sewing accessories,
  • steel static storage systems and zippers.

How is NAEBM composed?


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ISO/CD 20599 2023-04-10 Forestry machinery - Manually portable (hand-held) powered lawn and garden equipment and forest machinery - Engine performance and fuel consumption More  Comment 
DIN 1873-1 2023-02-17 Powered lawn mowers - Performance characteristics, requirements and testings - Part 1: Pedestrian controlled rotary mowers - Combustion engine, electrically or battery powered More  Comment 
DIN EN 16732 2023-02-10 Slide fasteners (zips) - Specification More  Comment 

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DIN 3016-1 2023-11 Standard Fastening clamps - Part 1: With tongue More  Order from Beuth Verlag
DIN EN 12983-1 2023-07 Standard Cookware - Domestic cookware for use on top of a stove, cooker or hob - Part 1: General requirements; German version EN 12983-1:2023 More  Order from Beuth Verlag
DIN 3017-5 2023-07 Standard Hose clamps - Part 5: Wide strip hose clamps with fastening lugs, shapes D and E More  Order from Beuth Verlag

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