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DIN EN 16489-2
Professional indoor UV exposure services - Part 2: Required qualification and competence of the indoor UV exposure consultant; German version EN 16489-2:2014

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Fachkundige Dienstleistungen in Sonnenstudios - Teil 2: Erforderliche Qualifikation und Kompetenz der Sonnenstudio-Fachkraft; Deutsche Fassung EN 16489-2:2014


This European Standard defines the requirements which are essential for the knowledge and skills, competence, and qualification of indoor UV exposure consultants. This European Standard is not applicable for any medical use of indoor UV exposure. Requirements for UV appliances for skin exposure are excluded in this standard, as they fall under the scope of EN 60335-2-27. Annex A of this standard contains information on existing national deviations which are regulated in the UV Protection Ordinance. The clauses of this standard affected by these regulations are not applicable in Germany. This document has been prepared by Technical Committee CEN/TC 412 "Project Committee - Indoor sun exposure services", the secretariat of which is held by ASI (Austria). The responsible German standardization committee is Working Committee NA 159-02-13 AA "Dienstleistungen in Sonnenstudios" ("Indoor sun exposure services") at DIN Standards Committee Services (NADL).

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NA 159-09-04 AA - Indoor sun exposure services  

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