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DIN EN 16352
Logistics - Specifications for reporting crime incidents; German version EN 16352:2013

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Logistik - Spezifikationen für die Berichterstattung von Straftaten; Deutsche Fassung EN 16352:2013


Crime incidents in the European supply chain lack tangibility. Effective security measures depend on transparency, also to define the responsibilities of business and public authorities. A standardised approach to crime reporting is an important step to achieve this. The aim of this standard is to harmonise the ways in which incidents occurring during transport activities are reported in Europe. This standard identifies a limited number of data fields which should be filled out by operators and public authorities after a crime incident has occurred. Working Committee NA 159-01-13 AA "Energieverbrauch und Treibhausgasemissionen im Zusammenhang mit Transportdienstleistungen (Personen- und Güterverkehr)" ("Energy consumption and GHG emissions in relation to transport services") at the Services Standards Committee (NADL) is responsible for the adoption of this standard into the German body of standards.

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NA 159-10-02 AA - Energy consumption and GHG emissions in relation to transport services  

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