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Online Gambling - Markers of harm in support of identification and prevention of risky and problem gambling behaviour


This document includes the minimum gambling behavioural indicators to be analysed by online gambling operators for the purpose of detecting and preventing risky and problematic gambling behaviour (markers of harm). This document specifies the minimum gambling behaviour factors that online gambling operators utilise in the analytics systems of their own or provided by external service providers. It does not define the thresholds that operators set to conclude on the existence of risk, neither the intervention systems they use to communicate with players when suck risk is identified. This document provides a voluntary tool to the gambling regulatory authorities in the Member States, without prejudice to the competence of Member States in the regulation of online gambling. It does not impose any obligation on them to introduce or alter any player protection or responsible gambling laws and policies. National gambling regulators remain competent to set and enforce their own rules on player protection and responsible gambling.





Planned document number

DIN EN 00456002

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Responsible national committee

NA 159-09-02 AA - Online Gambling - Reporting  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 456/WG 1 - Online gambling reporting  


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