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Assistance dogs - Part 3: Competencies for assistance dogs professionals; German and English version prEN 17984-3:2024


This European standard specifies the competencies required of assistance dogs' professionals. The purpose of this standard is to improve and assure the quality of professionals working in a role within an assistance dog organisation. Each speciality of assistance dog requires a specific set of role competencies and there are some common core competencies. Core competencies: • Breeding • Puppy Raising • Dog Care • Assessors • Orientation and Mobility • Trainers • Instructors Specific competencies: • Guide Dogs • Hearing Dogs • Medical Alert Dogs • Mobility Assistance Dogs • Autism and Development Disorder Dogs • Team Training Instructors It is accepted that assistance dog organisations vary greatly in structure and not every organisation will have all the roles identified. Where one person performs more than one role, it is expected that they will have the competencies of all the roles they perform eg a Dog Trainer may also have the competencies of a Dog Care Specialist. And there will be some organisations where some of these roles are not required, eg those with no breeding programme will not require the associated role competencies.





Planned document number

DIN EN 17984-3

Project number


Responsible national committee

NA 159-08-01 AA - Services - Assistance dogs  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 452/WG 3 - Competencies for assistance dogs’ professionals  

draft standard

Assistance dogs - Part 3: Competencies for assistance dogs professionals; German and English version prEN 17984-3:2024
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