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DIN Standards Committee Building and Civil Engineering

DIN 18232-1 [CURRENT] referenced in following documents:

Document number Edition Title
DIN 18232-5 2012-11 Smoke and heat control installations - Part 5: Powered smoke exhaust systems; requirements, design More 
VDI 2262 Blatt 3 2011-06 Workplace air - Reduction of exposure to air pollutants - Ventilation technical measures More 
VDI 3802 Blatt 1 2014-09 Air conditioning systems for factories More 
DIN 18232-2 2007-11 Smoke and heat control systems - Part 2: Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators; design, requirements and installation More 
DIN 18232-7 2008-02 Smoke and heat control systems - Part 7: Heat exhaust ventilators made of meltable materials; Assessment procedure and installation More 
DIN 25425-3 2019-12 Radionuclide laboratories - Part 3: Rules for preventive fire protection More 
VDI 6019 Blatt 1 2006-05 Engineering procedure for the dimensioning of the smoke derivative from buildings - Fire curves, verification of the effectiveness More 
VDMA 24186-7 2019-09 Program of services for the maintenance of technical systems and equipment in buildings - Part 7: Devices and systems for fire protection and prevention More 
VdS 3188 2019-10 VdS Guidelines for Water Mist Systems - Water Mist Sprinkler Systems and Water Mist Extinguishing Systems (High Pressure Systems) - Planning and Installation More 
VdS 3830 2017-09 VdS-Richtlinien für natürliche Rauch- und Wärmeabzugsanlagen - Wartungs- und Instandhaltungsarbeiten an natürlichen Rauch- (NRA) und Wärmeabzugsanlagen (RWA) More