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DIN 18232-5
Smoke and heat control installations - Part 5: Powered smoke exhaust systems; requirements, design

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Rauch- und Wärmefreihaltung - Teil 5: Maschinelle Rauchabzugsanlagen (MRA); Anforderungen, Bemessung


This standard applies for powered smoke exhaust systems in large rooms with a height of the room to be protected, H, of at least 3 m. It contains tables and calculation methods for dimensioning of low-smoke layers in order to meet the requirements for various safety objectives. The standard contains information and specifications for the requirements, design and rules for installation of powered smoke exhaust systems. The test requirements for the fans are regulated according to DIN EN 12101-3:2002. Power supply (EN 12101-10), control devices (EN 12101-9) and the operating elements and the components of the piping systems (EN 12101-7 and -8) are regulated in the respective parts of the standard and in pre-standard DIN V 18232-6. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 005-52-32 AA "Rauch- und Wärmefreihaltung (SpA zu CEN/TC 191/SC 1 und ISO/TC 21/SC 11 sowie zu Teilbereichen von CEN/TC 127/WG 7)" ("Smoke and heat control systems (mirror committee of CEN/TC 191/SC 1 and ISO/TC 21/SC 11 as well as sub-sections of CEN/TC 127/WG 7)") at DIN.

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NA 005-52-32 AA - Smoke and heat control systems (national mirror committee for CEN/TC 191/SC 1 and ISO/TC 21/SC 11 as well as sub-sections of CEN/TC 127/WG 7)  

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