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DIN 1986-100
Drainage systems on private ground - Part 100: Specifications in relation to DIN EN 752 and DIN EN 12056

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Entwässerungsanlagen für Gebäude und Grundstücke - Teil 100: Bestimmungen in Verbindung mit DIN EN 752 und DIN EN 12056


This standard has been prepared by Working Committee NA 119-05-02 AA "Entwässerungsanlagen für Gebäude und Grundstücke" ("Sewage systems for buildings and sites") at DIN Standards Committee Water Practice (NAW). It contains provisions in connection with the standards DIN EN 12056-1, DIN EN 12056-2, DIN EN 12056-3, DIN EN 12056-4 and DIN EN 12056-5 as well as DIN EN 752, which serve to specify the procedure required for Germany. The new edition includes the previous DIN 1986-100:2008-05 including the amendments of DIN 1986-100/A1:2013-11 and DIN 1986-100/A2:2014-12. This standard applies to drainage systems for the discharge of wastewater in all buildings and on building sites in conjunction with DIN 1986-3, DIN 1986-4, DIN 1986-30, DIN EN 12056-1 to DIN EN 12056-5, DIN EN 752 and DIN EN 1610, which are predominantly operated with gravity pipelines. In the interest of public safety, this standard specifies uniform technical provisions for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of drainage systems for the discharge of wastewater in buildings and on building sites in addition to DIN EN 12056-1, DIN EN 12056-2, DIN EN 12056-3, DIN EN 12056-4 and DIN EN 12056 5. Connecting sewers are not dealt with in this standard. Specifications for the infiltration of precipitation water are not the subject of this standard. The standard differs from DIN 1986-100:2008-05 as follows: a) Amendments DIN 1986-100/A1:2014-07 and DIN 1986-100/A2:2014-12 have been incorporated into this consolidated version of the standard and the standard has been editorially revised. b) Amendment DIN 1986-100/A2:2014-12 - Exemption according to Subclause 5.3.1 for the drainage of the collection surfaces of cooling units of refrigeration systems according to Section 19(4) AwSV - has been incorporated into normative Annex C. c) The following significant changes or structuring have been made: - 5.10 (Balconies and loggias): The prohibition on connecting balcony drainage to the rainwater downpipe of the roof drainage system has been lifted and the connection permitted under certain conditions; - 6.2.1 (external flushing): Connection of fecal-free and -containing connection pipes on the same pipe base to a double branch is permitted; - 6.5.1 (Ventilation of the drainage system, general): Clause 10 (on-site sewage treatment plants) has been adapted due to the regulations of EU-BauPVO; - In 14.2 (stormwater systems) and 14.9 (flood and overload verifications), the requirements for planning and calculation have been reworded in a more comprehensible manner according to property sizes or flow times of up to 15 minutes. For building sites with a runoff effective area of up to 800 m2 , a flood proof, analogous to a connection to the sewer system, is waived under certain conditions even in the case of infiltration of the precipitation water; - Table 9 (runoff coefficients) has been completely revised. The values are subdivided into Cs (peak runoff coefficients) and Cm (mean runoff coefficients) for the first time in this standard; d) the requirements of DIN EN 12056-1 to DIN EN 12056-3 and in part DIN EN 12056-4 as well as DIN EN 752 have been taken into consideration; e) the rainfall series in Germany specified in Annex A have been updated by the new "Heavy precipitation amounts for Germany", published with KOSTRA-DWD-2010, which replaces the rainfall series in the KOSTRA Atlas (1997 and 2000). The cities previously listed in Annex A, A.1 have been supplemented by the cities of Solingen and Wuppertal. The standard differs from DIN 1986-100:2016-09 as follows: a) DIN 1986-100:2016-09, Annex A, Table A.1 "Rainfall intensities in Germany" contained erroneous values that could lead to incorrect design results and is replaced by the corrected table; b) the normative references in Clause 2 have been updated and editorially revised.

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NA 119-05-02 AA - Sewage systems for buildings and sites (CEN/TC 165/WG 21)  

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