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DIN Standards Committee Water Practice

DIN 1986-100 [CURRENT] referenced in following documents:

Document number Edition Title
DIN 30762 2022-06 Prefabricated sanitation systems without connection to water supply and sewage system - Requirements and product features More 
TRAS 310 2022-09-30 Technische Regel für Anlagensicherheit - Vorkehrungen und Maßnahmen wegen der Gefahrenquellen Niederschläge und Hochwasser More 
VDI 2050 Blatt 3 2018-11 Requirements for technical equipment rooms - Heating systems More 
VDI 3787 Blatt 8 2020-09 Environmental meteorology - Urban development in view of climate change More 
VDI 6024 2021-05 Efficient use of water in drinking-water installations - Requirements for planning, execution and operation More 
DIN SPEC 31062 2018-12 Planning and operation of fountains More 
DIN SPEC 91440 2020-12 Roof sealings for precast concrete garages as in DIN EN 13978-1 More 
DIN 14462 2023-07 Planning, installation, operation and maintenance of fire hose systems, systems with fire hydrants and dry risers More 
DIN 18036 2017-10 Ice-sport facilities - Ice-sport facilities with artificial ice - Rules for planning and construction More 
DIN 18326 2019-09 German construction contract procedures (VOB) - Part C: General technical specifications in construction contracts (ATV) - Renovation works on drainage channels More