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DIN Standards Committee Building and Civil Engineering

DIN 18232-5 [CURRENT] referenced in following documents:

Document number Edition Title
KTA 2101.2 2015-11 Fire Protection in nuclear power plants - Part 2: Fire Protection fo strutural plant components More 
VDI 3564 Blatt 1 2017-05 Fire protection - Recommendations for high-bay warehouses More 
VDI 3802 Blatt 1 2014-09 Air conditioning systems for factories More 
VDMA 24177 2020-05 Powered smoke and heat control ventilators (Fans) for smoke extraction from buildings in the event of fire More 
DIN 25425-3 2019-12 Radionuclide laboratories - Part 3: Rules for preventive fire protection More 
VDMA 24186-7 2019-09 Program of services for the maintenance of technical systems and equipment in buildings - Part 7: Devices and systems for fire protection and prevention More 
VDMA 24200-1 2019-06 Automated fire protection- and smoke extraction systems More 
VdS 3188 2019-10 VdS Guidelines for Water Mist Systems - Water Mist Sprinkler Systems and Water Mist Extinguishing Systems (High Pressure Systems) - Planning and Installation More 
AMEV RLT-Anlagenbau 2018 ; AMEV Nr. 140 2018-06 Hinweise zur Planung und Ausführung von Raumlufttechnischen Anlagen für öffentliche Gebäude (RLT-Anlagenbau 2018) More 
BauOVollzVV TH 2018-07-30 Bekanntmachung zum Vollzug der Thüringer Bauordnung (VollzBekThürBO) More