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Number: 753

DIN 18516-3 2021-02-13 Cladding for external walls, ventilated at rear - Part 3: Natural stone - Requirements, design More  Comment 
DIN 18516-5 2021-02-13 Cladding for external walls, ventilated at rear - Part 5: Manufactured stone; requirements, design More  Comment 
DIN EN 00442035 2021-02-12 Bauwerksinformationsmodellierung (BIM)-Datenvorlagen für Bauobjekte, die im Lebenszyklus von Assets verwendet werden-Datenvorlagen, die auf europäischen Normen und technischen Spezifikationen basieren More  Comment 
DIN 1996-15 2021-02-12 Testing of bituminous materials for road building and related purposes; Determination of the softening point in accordance with Wilhelmi More  Comment 
ISO/AWI TS 4807 2021-02-11 Reference materials for particle size measurement - Specification of requirements More  Comment 
DIN 18009-2 2021-02-10 Fire safety engineering - Part 2: Simulation of evacuation and personal saftey More  Comment 
DIN 4023 2021-02-04 Geotechnical investigation and testing - Graphical presentation of logs of boreholes, trial pits, shafts and adits More  Comment 
DIN 18196 2021-02-04 Earthworks and foundations - Soil classification for civil engineering purposes More  Comment 
DIN 18257 2021-02-01 Building hardware - Security plates - Definitions, measurements, requirements, marking More  Comment 
DIN EN 1993-2/NA/A1 2021-02-01 National Annex - Nationally determined parameters - Eurocode 3: Design of steel structures - Part 2: Steel bridges, Amendment A1 More  Comment