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Drafts of NA 002

Number: 28

DIN EN ISO 11127-6 2021-11 Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products - Test methods for non-metallic blast-cleaning abrasives - Part 6: Determination of water-soluble contaminants by conductivity measurement (ISO/DIS 11127-6:2021); German and English version prEN ISO 11127-6:2021 More 
DIN EN ISO 16474-2/A1 2021-11 Paints and varnishes - Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources - Part 2: Xenon-arc lamps - Amendment 1: Classification of daylight filters (ISO 16474-2:2013/DAM 1:2021); German and English version EN ISO 16474-2:2013/prA1:2021 More 
DIN EN 13496 2021-11 Thermal insulation products for building applications - Determination of the mechanical properties of glass fibre meshes as reinforcement for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems with renders (ETICS); German and English version prEN 13496:2021 More 
DIN EN 927-2 2021-09 Paints and varnishes - Coating materials and coating systems for exterior wood - Part 2: Performance specification; German and English version prEN 927-2:2021 More 
DIN EN ISO 19403-1 2021-08 Paints and varnishes - Wettability - Part 1: Terminology and general principles (ISO/DIS 19403-1:2021); German and English version prEN ISO 19403-1:2021 More 
DIN EN 16105 2021-04 Paints and varnishes - Laboratory method for determination of release of regulated dangerous substances from coatings in intermittent contact with water; German and English version prEN 16105:2021 More 
DIN EN 13300 2021-04 Paints and varnishes - Paints and varnishes for interior walls and ceilings - Classification; German and English version prEN 13300:2021 More 
DIN EN 927-5 2021-02 Paints and varnishes - Coating materials and coating systems for exterior wood - Part 5: Assessment of the liquid water permeability; German and English version prEN 927-5:2021 More