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DIN Standards Committee Road Vehicles and Mobility

DIN EN ISO 15118-1 [CURRENT] references following documents:

Document number Edition Title
EN 50549-1 2019-02 Requirements for generating plants to be connected in parallel with distribution networks - Part 1: Connection to a LV distribution network - Generating plants up to and including Type B More 
IEC 61851-1 2017-02 Electric vehicle conductive charging system - Part 1: General requirements More 
IEC/TS 61980-2 2019-06 Electric vehicle wireless power transfer (WPT) systems - Part 2: Specific requirements for communication between electric road vehicle (EV) and infrastructure More 
ISO 15118-2 2014-04 Road vehicles - Vehicle-to-Grid Communication Interface - Part 2: Network and application protocol requirements More 
ISO 15118-20 2022-04 Road vehicles - Vehicle to grid communication interface - Part 20: 2nd generation network layer and application layer requirements More 
ISO 15118-3 2015-05 Road vehicles - Vehicle to grid communication interface - Part 3: Physical and data link layer requirements More 
ISO/TR 8713 2019-04 Electrically propelled road vehicles - Vocabulary More