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DIN Standards Committee Road Vehicle Engineering

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Drafts of NA 052

Number: 26

DIN EN ISO 19363 2021-02 Electrically propelled road vehicles - Magnetic field wireless power transfer - Safety and interoperability requirements (ISO 19363:2020); English version prEN ISO 19363:2020 More  Comment draft
DIN 4630 2021-02 Road vehicles - Data parameter specification for body application units in commercial vehicles More  Comment draft
DIN EN ISO 18243/A1 2021-01 Electrically propelled mopeds and motorcycles - Test specifications and safety requirements for lithium-ion battery systems - Amendment 1 (ISO 18243:2017/Amd 1:2020); German and English version EN ISO 18243:2019/A1:2020 More  Read draft and comment
DIN EN ISO 12855 2021-01 Electronic fee collection - Information exchange between service provision and toll charging (ISO/DIS 12855:2020); English Version prEN ISO 12855:2020 More  Comment draft
DIN 70080 2020-12 Electric road vehicles - Test procedures for determination of charging performance; Text in English More  Read draft and comment
DIN EN 15509 2020-11 Electronic fee collection - Interoperability application profile for DSRC; English version prEN 15509:2020 More 
DIN EN 16072 2020-11 Intelligent transport systems - ESafety - Pan-European eCall operating requirements (2020); German and English version prEN 16072:2020 More 
DIN EN 16062 2020-11 Intelligent transport systems - ESafety - eCall high level application requirements (HLAP) using GSM/UMTS circuit switched networks (2020); German and English version prEN 16062:2020 More 
DIN EN 17507 2020-09 Road Vehicles - Portable Emission Measuring Systems (PEMS) - Performance Assessment; English version prEN 17507:2020 More 
DIN EN ISO 18541-3 2020-08 Road vehicles - Standardized access to automotive repair and maintenance information (RMI) - Part 3: Functional user interface requirements (ISO/DIS 18541-3:2020); German and English version prEN ISO 18541-3:2020 More