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DIN 14380
Pressure limitation valve, nominal pressure 16

Title (German)

Druckbegrenzungsventil, PN 16


A pressure limitation device according to this standard is an adjustable fire fighting fitting reducing excessive pressures by draining water in order to prevent excessive strain of pressure hoses. The pressure limitation device shall limit the maximum operating pressure in a hose. If the value is exceeded, portions of water flow from the overflow into the atmosphere. The pressure limiting device has a facility to set the operating pressure. A rotating size B clamp fitting is located at each inlet and outlet and a size B fixed coupling at the overflow. The standard specifies the requirements, test, designation and marking of pressure limitation devices with 16 bar nominal pressure (PN 16). The following significant modifications have been made with respect to the previous edition DIN 14380:1978-05: - requirements for pressure gauges have been fully adjusted to the pressure gauge standard DIN EN 837-1; - normative references have been fully updated, the content has been editorially revised with regard to the current design rules of standards. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 031-04-04 AA "Schläuche und Armaturen - SpA zu CEN/TC 192/WG 1 und WG 8" ("Hoses and armatures - Mirror Committee of CEN/TC 192/WG 1 and WG 8") at DIN.

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Responsible national committee

NA 031-04-04 AA - Hoses and Fittings - mirror committee of CEN/TC 192/WG 1 and WG 8  

Edition 2014-08
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