NA 003

DIN Standards Committee Valves

NA 003-01-10 AA
Safety devices for the prevention of excessive pressure

The working committee NA 003-01-10 AA "Safety devices for the prevention of excessive pressure" of the DIN Standards Committee Valves is responsible for working on all standards and standardization projects related to safety devices for the prevention of excessive pressure. The field of work of the NA 003-01-10 AA includes product standards for: Safety valves; Bursting disc safety devices; Safety valves and bursting disc safety devices in combination; Pilot operated safety valves; Controlled safety pressure relief systems; Application and Installation of safety devices; Sizing of safety valves for gas/liquid two-phase flow; Performance testing. The NA 003-01-10 AA is the German mirror committee for the European working group CEN/TC 69/WG 10 "Safety devices against excessive pressure" (Secretariat: BSI, UK) as well as for the International Technical Committee ISO/TC 185 "Safety devices for protection against excessive pressure" (Secretariat: ANSI, USA) and its working groups.


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